Bootaagani-minis ∞ Drummond Island Land Reclamation Project was established in 2017 by Dylan Miner. Bootaagani-minis ∞ DILRP revitalizes the Wiisaakodewininiwag // Métis // Halfbreed presence on the island – particularly for descendants of the Drummond Island voyageurs, who were forced from the island when the US-Canada border was drawn. In 1828 and 1929, some members of this Métis community relocated to Baawating // Sault Ste. Marie, where Giimaa Zhingwaak // Chief Shingwauk welcomed them. Others, including Miner’s family, relocated across Lake Huron in Penetanguishene, ON.

Miner is a descendant of the Brissette-L'Hirondelle family, one of 21 “Verified Métis Family Lines” for the historic Georgian Bay Métis community. He hopes to revitalize the Wiisaakodewininiwag // Métis // Halfbreed traditional use of the island for gathering and Indigenous knowledge sharing.